Saturday, May 21, 2005

I met him at the pool.

I am a professional pool crasher. If I find out that you have a pool, I will most likely invite myself over at some point. So I am at Esmeralda and Ismael's pool. They are getting married in June. I invited myself to come over and hang by the pool with Es, but she has wedding stuff, so she left me the key. I have no shame.

I am laying next to the pool. It is a beautiful warm day. There is a perfect warm breeze and not a cloud in the sky. There were a few kids.. no biggie.. about 5 six year old girls. little damp twigs running around the pool and piling onto floatees. There was a young couple sitting close to me.. they were visiting the guys older sister. She was overweight, blond and loud. The couple was not loud, but wouldn't stop talking. They talked about how they had met at a bar and how she was studying to be a nurse, but was making ends meet with babysitting. They were both about a bag a chips and a couple of packs of donettes from being very overweight themselves. They spoke of romantic things like flatulation and the first time they farted in front of eachother. She did it first, but it only paved the way for him to fart constantly with wild abandon. She had a little girl voice.. I had heard once on love line that grown women that spoke with little girl voices had often been molested during childhood. It makes sense. You hang onto what can't be taken away.

I crept slowly into the pool. The first time is always hard. Your legs freeze and then the worst part.. your belly. Ew.. so cold. Then I dove in and practically lost my bottoms. I don't like to wear a tight bathing suit because it makes me feel pudgy, but the downside is it's "staying power" when diving or standing in waves. No biggie.. I can usually pull' em up before anyone sees me. The pool felt wonderful. Not too cold and not too warm. The sun glistened through the trees and all of my worries faded away.

I'm at the shallow end. The little twigs had taken a break to go open presents in the rec room. I sat quietly and breathed in the day. And that is when he appeared. His head popped up out of the water about three feet from me. He had the most beautiful almond shaped green eyes I have ever seen. His eyelashes were thick, long and stuck together in little perfect equal clumps. He had big beautiful white teeth and tanned olive skin. When he smiled everything became a little brighter. I noticed he had a long white buggar hanging between his nose and his mouth, but I didn't say anything.

He asked me if he could ask me some questions, so I said sure. First he asked how many teeth a fly had.. or maybe a mosquito .. and most of the time when people as me a question like this.. I assume the answer is going to be a little outrageous, so I try to outsmart them. I answered.. "200?" He smiled and said, no, 47. I said oh, that's still a lot of teeth. Then he asked me if a worm was a girl or a boy. I said, " a girl" and he said, "both" so then I told him that it was a "hermaphrodite". He looked confused and repeated the word incorrectly twice until he got it right and proceeded to shout across the pool to a plump pale woman that was laying in a lounge chair.. "hey a worm is a hermaphrodite!"... She looked a little concerned, but continued to lounge in the shade.

I returned to my chair and spent the rest of the afternoon answering questions and being enlightened by Isaac. He asked me for my number, but I giggled and didn't say anything. Then he told me the apartment number of the plump pale woman on the lounge chair. #31, he said and then asked me to come over next time I was around. I considered it for a moment. He is one of the sweeter and more sincere men I had met in a while. The only problem is, he is nine.

I told Isaac that he was very smart and cool and that I was very happy to have met him. I also wanted to tell him never to let anyone tell him that he wasn't. He was shorter than most nine year olds and his parents were divorced. The plump woman was his great aunt. I had the feeling that Isaac spent a lot of time being passed from relative to relative. He had no problem approaching perfect strangers... especially women.. from what his aunt told me.

He is a little beautiful, smart beam of love and this is one pool mooching day I won't forget for a while.


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hi ossa, thanks for dropping by my blog! it's always great to hear from someone new. this one gave me a sweet smile today so keep them coming! i'll blog roll you, if it's ok? warm hugs...

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