Monday, March 28, 2005


So what is it about the Pacific Northwest that nurtures art, intellectual growth, environmental awareness and good food more than it's southern counterpart? I'm not saying that there is no art in southern Cali, but it just isn't a part of daily life like it is in Seattle or San Francisco.

Here in So Cal.. We have surfing and fitness and sun worshipping and strip mall and that is about it. Ok, I exaggerate. There is art in LA. There are restaurants in LA, but there are also THE PEOPLE. The ones with the cell phones that just look fabulous all the time. The ones who "wear" art openings as accessories to their Manolo's. It's not about the art nor the food.. it's about them.

Does there exist a place that is warm in temperature and culturally fertile?

I'm not saying that warm climates don't offer opportunites for growth. They are everywhere for anyone who knows how to see. It just seems like knowledge seekers like to live up north for the most part.

It shouldn't be about where you live, but I , for one, have been in an intellectual coma for a little while now and it took 3 days in Seattle to wake me up. Let's see how long it lasts.


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